About us

After the political changes in Poland starting in 1990 there was a need to establish an organization which would foster international trade relations with Poland. The South Florida area represents a gateway not only to the United States but South America and the Caribbean.
This geographic location is strategically important to Polish business organizations. Its two large airports, port facilities, financial institutions have a great potential for Polish investors and Exporters.

Mr. Anthony Edward Kruszewski, a leading Polish American businessman in Florida, President and CEO of USAirMotive and Prof. Dr. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski, Professor of Business and Economics at Florida Memorial University established the Chamber in 1993. During these years the Chamber participated in various international trade missions, hosted Polish Expos and visiting businessmen and government officials from Poland. In addition, it has over the years became a center of business and economic information about Poland and has fostered academic programs in Poland with South Florida academic community. At that time the Polish Chamber of Florida was the first such organization in the United States.

In addition to its business activities, the chamber was also involved in humanitarian activities in Poland assisting flood victims, aid to children and sponsored and participated in shipment of medicine and hospital equipment to needy Polish hospitals in various cities. The Chambers officers participate in community affairs and serve as advisors to the US and Polish Governments, Polonia organizations, both social and political. The chamber was also influential in arranging a contract for an American aviation firm in Florida to purchase Mielec Factory cargo aircraft thereby preventing the shut down of the factory. Prof. Wesolowski also headed a trade mission to Poland for Florida’s Governor Bob Martinez.

The chamber under the leadership of Prof. Wesolowski participated in the official Polish Florida Diplomatic Articulation Agreement, the passage of the NATO Polish Participation Act, erection of the Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Monument in Warsaw at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, his name is inscribed on the dedication plague, Warsaw Uprising 50th Anniversary Ceremony in which he participated and assisted Vice President Al Gore,   50th Anniversary of the WWII Victory Ceremony in Warsaw and was a member of the Bicentennial Ceremony Committee of the Founding of the Polish Order of the Virtuti Militari. Colonel Wesolowski was the official United States Pentagon representative at the 50th Anniversary of the Polish Victory of the Battle for Monte Cassino.

In 1998 Prof. Wesolowski co-founded the Association of BiNational Chambers of Commerce to fill the need for cooperation between various other chambers in Florida. Today ABICC, www.abicc.org is the largest organization of its kind in the United States with 43 national chambers with over 10,000 members. He is currently a Vice President of ABICC and an official representative of the Polish Chamber on the ABICC Board of Directors.

For their service and contribution to Poland, Mr. Kruszewski was awarded the officers cross of the Polish Order of Merit. Prof. Wesolowski was decorated with the Commander’s Cross of the Polish Order of Merit by President Lech Walesa in 1992.

Both co-founders, Mr. Kruszewski and Prof. Wesolowski are co-chairmen of the advisory board of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Florida.

Mr Leszek Ladowski is President of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc. He is fluent in Polish, English and Spanish.